Friday, February 17, 2012

Unusually Happy Valentines

I even TOLD some lady on Feb 14th, "... it's not like my husband is going to buy me chocolates..."

Which is unfair and I know it; but Feb 14th isn't a day for logic. 

He actually keeps a pile of chocolate in a cupboard for "emergencies" (chocolate is kinda like a female-crying-in-a-corner extinguisher)

but it's only Endangered Species brand, sweetened with beet juice. 

endangered lion Endangered SCBarsProd3

They're nice, but they're not Feb 14th fodder.  On this day we want chocolates, not just chocolate.  I was actually feeling sorry for myself, except for going to a Ron Paul event which was useful enough to distract me. 

HAHAHA look what he brought just to prove me wrong!  RUSSELL STOVERS regular cheap, evil chocolates from the grocery store!  RED HEART BOX and everything!!! 


The thought, and the shape, would be enough, even without the chocolates therein. 
I don't mean to say I didn't instantly devour said contents (with a little help; five chocolates for me and three for each of the circling vultures)


In years past he used to buy assorted forms of health-chocolate and use them to refill an old red heart shaped box that was kept in the cupboard for the purpose, but I decluttered that box not long ago. 
The new box is very pretty and can no doubt be refilled for many years to come  :-) 

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