Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Parade Without Log Trucks

Whoever heard of such a thing?? 
This isn't Shelton.  This is Lakefair Parade in Olympia, and it was reasonably good, otherwise.

These guys open every parade in the Northwest and are always worth watching just on their own!

The street here wasn't very wide so they couldn't do their really fancy moves. 
A photo of girls on a float.  It begins. 

One of the cops played loud rock music out his windows as if he was a float, too  :-)
This one entertained us with a back seat full of underage females in handcuffs.
His daughters, I take it. 
MEN on horses??
Do my eyes deceive me?
I was beginning to think riding horses in a parade was an exclusively female thing. 

I was even more impressed that actual men on horses would have actual guns!  
Uh, no.
Those are just props. Bummer. 

Now that's a fire TRUCK  :-) 
Is this our bus??
Probably the very one that goes by every day.
Love it. 
The firemen teaching us to take candy from strangers. 
I was impressed with this particular queen.  So many of them have an attitude like "Finally the lesser people have acknowledged how fabulous I am, so I will deign to wave at them," but this one genuinely seemed to be having a good time.  She was dancing for the love of life and spreading joyful vibes in a 360 around her.
'Twas cool. 

What is this abomination???
Here's where I really started to miss Shelton.
If only Paul Bunyan would show up to beat the living crap out of whatever this is.

And there's Paul Bunyan from Shelton!!
He seems unaware and he's grooving to "Timber."

I love it that they trust ONE female to ride in this parade hanging on to the side of something.  Those safety rings that they put around the princesses nowadays are so silly! 

Garbage guys, who, as the parade progressed, stopped at each garbage can on the sidewalk and emptied it into their shiny, sparkly garbage truck.
Are not garbage guys just as cool as the "more obviously romantic" professions?  We actually need them even more!! Showing off their usefulness highlights that fact and is a perfect excuse to flex repeatedly in a short sleeved shirt.
Win / win   :-) 
Karen said, "Mother, please."
Apparently she's going to get a t-shirt with an arrow that says she's NOT the fangirl, that's her mother. 
The purpose of a parade is to take pictures of things.  That's what we're here for. 
It's not my fault!  If there had been log trucks I wouldn't have had to be taking pictures of the fuzz!!
All done!
What was the point of that?
Well, what's the point of any of it?

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