Thursday, February 4, 2016

The New Curvy Barbie, and Newsweek Interview

Well, wasn't that a fun surprise!  A request for an interview by a Newsweek reporter! 

It made me feel famous! Hehe, although it didn't get me any fame-- my page views are the same or actually a little less than average since the article came out  :-)

Whatever else, it was a fun way to shake up a morning.  One minute I had dropped off the kids to school, was sitting down with my breakfast and to-do list, and of course sparing a moment to indulge in re-examination of my pain and familiar dilemmas, with some self-doubt and ennui.  Next thing you know the phone's ringing.
I only had time enough to say, God, don't let me say something stupid!
And then I was chattering all kinds of cheerful, positive and enthusiastic opinions about my almost-forgotten hobby, from the almost-forgotten old days.

Here's the article:

After the interview, I was kinda wound up, and on a whim I jumped in the car and zoomed down to Walmart to get one of the new dolls.  Only a few minutes' thought or one minute's research would have told me it'll be a long time before the new body dolls hit the big box store! Oh, well, there were plenty of other things on my shopping list, it wasn't a wasted trip  :-)

The new Curvy dolls can be pre-ordered here:
And I did so as soon as I got home. 
Went with this one:

Not only because she was only ten bucks.
I love the hair.  Remember what I said about the purple-hair girl?

Blue hair makes me think Space Princess, possibly another of Captain Kirk's girlfriends.

It probably would have been this one if not for the bent arm, obviously-dyed hair (I see that blue hair as natural, just not from this planet) and the fact that her face reminds me of someone I know.
And she was $20.  Yes I am that tightfisted.  I'm only allowing myself to *buy* a doll because she'll further the hobby, which does at least pay for itself  :-) 

I'm set up to make some clothes, now. 
In this apartment, I have a bedroom all to myself-- a little 10x12 square all my own that I love and am so grateful for!  It's not that there's ROOM for a sewing table, it's kinda sitting in the middle and I go around it to go to bed!

I gotta do something with that website.
People still write me occasionally, still send me thank you notes and pictures of what they've made with my patterns, but I've fallen behind the curve.  It's time to get those photos up, fix some errors I know about, make some long-overdue improvements, even add some NEW CONTENT. 

I got a notifier yesterday saying Miss Blue has been shipped.
I can't wait! I'm gonna get a wardrobe together for her lickety-split, post the patterns and sell the prototypes.  Yay!

Hey-- did you notice what just happened?
I just admitted that I bought a Barbie doll because I wanted it.
When my early teens turned into my late teens I got self-conscious about my Barbie collection and packed it away, but with so much regret!
Then, I was an outsider, exiled from the pink aisle.
I was so glad once my baby girl was big enough to look around and reach for things, so I could carry that baby girl into the pink aisle!  She was my ticket, my passport back into the world of Barbie!

The girls are now 17, 21 and 23 years old, but I'm 45 -- I could wear a red hat if I wanted to, but I don't!  But I'm plenty old and bold enough to admit I'm buying a plastic doll because I jolly well want to! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

We went skiing!!

First time! 

I didn't get to ski, only the boys did, but I still had a lot of fun!  I'd never been to a ski resort during the snow season, so just being up there was a new experience for me!
I spent the day wandering around at the bottom of the runs and all around the buildings and pathways, just taking in that crisp, refreshing air and enjoying the snowflakes on my face. 
It's been SO LONG since I was on a snowy hill.  I used to live in a place that got a lot of snow, but here in Olympia we're lucky if we get a foot, and we rarely get that much. 

Dave rollerblades and Mike longboards, so Dave took to skis and Mike to a snowboard, like naturals.  Like Norwegians  :-) 
They are 1/8th Norwegian, maybe that's part of why they did so well?? 

Twins headed up the mountain! 
I'll just stand right here and wait for them to come down. 
So THAT's why people wear bright neon hats or vests or bold stripes, so that family can recognize them when they come down again.  It was very hard to know which ones were my boys, in their plain black, until they come up and say, "Did you see that??" 
Well-- I was trying to watch everybody who was roughly your size, as they came down the hill--! 

That was a beautiful place to spend the day, and I went away very happy! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lonely Eve

Shocking, right? 
It did take long enough. 

"There are worse things than being alone!" oh yes, you'd better believe it!  But once you get away from those worse things... there are also better things than being alone, and even introverts can get lonely.   Eventually. 

Here it is, July 3rd.  The kids have gone to the fireworks, and I stayed home by choice and by introvert habit, but amazingly enough, for once it's not, "Yippee!  I'm finally alone, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!" 

I'm alone and lonely. 
It's a new and fascinating sensation!

That's despite having a new computer that just arrived a couple hours ago and is still sitting in its box.  New to me, anyway, haha, just as old as my other one that died; hopefully this old computer works!  I haven't had a working PC for half a year now.  I've been writing my diary on that same trusty little netbook that came with me when I escaped.
That's despite having a couple different projects I'm working on, sewing, organizing, etc, all of them fascinating.  I've recovered enough to feel interest in life, and a looking-forward sensation to doing more things, new things.
That's despite God being so good to me, as he has been recently and all along; not only providing every kind of blessing leaving no lack, but sending another messenger to point out wonders that I hadn't been able to see on my own. 

Shouldn't God be enough? 
Adam had such a relationship with God as to be in the habit of walking together in the cool of the day, having conversations with the inventor of knowledge, yet he was alone to the point of it being "not good". 
I guess that's nothing new, then.

So here I am, home alone on a Friday night, and for the first time in human memory, lonely. 
Crying about it to the echoless vastness of the internet. 

Even chocolate gets to be too much after you've gorged on enough of it.  
I'll still tend to be in the "Loneliness is GOOD" camp... by nature and habit. 

Yeah, I've said that. 

Is it a girl thing to THINK she wants to be alone?
I've heard so women complain about their husbands being clingy and needy and wanting to do life arm-in-arm, and they have to do some clever shaking to dislodge him without wounding him. 
I've only seldom heard a guy whine that he can't get his girl to stop following him around trying to join him in everything he does.
The guy complaint goes, "But she just wants to go off and do her own thing." 

In the wonderful book His Needs, Her Needs, it's pointed out that most men have certain emotional needs, and so do most women, but these needs are different.  If each person is generous and loving they will try to fulfill their mate's needs but unfortunately they try to supply the things that they themselves would want.  Which usually only annoys the recipient, who didn't need that.
I noticed one of the big needs for men was "recreational companionship" which does not appear on the women's list.  Men want to go bowling, hunting and camping WITH their mate, but it's such a strong underlying need that they'll also do the most boring, lame female activities as long as it can be WITH her. 

I usually tend to say, "Okay, you're going to be doing that today?  Then I'll go off over here and do this.  By myself."

Back to Eve. 
Did you ever think about why Adam ate the fruit? 
It says Eve was deceived, but Adam wasn't.  That means his sin was worse-- got it. 
But if he wasn't deceived, then WHY did he do it?  Did he even want to? 

Eve wasn't the dumb one of the pair.  She had a very thoughtful, scientific decision-making process: 
"So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise..."
She was deceived, but not passively-- she gave the idea some thought, and after consideration, decided to go for it.  Note how confident she was, making her decisions alone.

She must've been attracted by the idea of being wise and powerful. 
She was either confident that Adam would join her in her new rank, or simply didn't care.  Maybe togetherness just wasn't very high on her list of priorities. 

Why was our little scaly buddy after Eve in the first place? 
Was it really, as I've heard so many times, because Eve was weak in the head and Adam was the stronger? 
Or was it because Eve was the independent one, who would make the decision while she was all alone.
I'll bet you that if Adam had been tempted, he would have gone running to the woman, "Hey honey, listen to this, doesn't this sound like a great idea?"
And then Eve would have talked him out of it, because there's nothing with a spine of iron like a woman who thinks she has a more righteous position than her husband, hahaha. 

In any case, if they had been together, they would have been unbreakable.

"She took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate."
Poor Adam's downfall consists of only two words, "He ate."
Just the action.  No thoughts.  He's the one who sounds stupid, although Paul said somewhere that Adam was the one who knew better.

Why did he do it? 
Maybe he just didn't want to be alone again.  He knew what it was like to be alone, and the urge to be together overshadowed all other considerations.  He wanted the woman so much that, if she had to be thrown out of paradise to suffer trouble and mortality, he wanted to go with her.

Check the posture.  Yep, looks about right.  That woman's confidence is GONE and it ain't coming back.
Suddenly she appreciates that arm. 

I've sometimes thought about our part of the curse, "desire shall be for thy husband and he shall rule over thee."  It's been explained all kinds of different ways that didn't make much sense to me.  Having a libido isn't exactly a curse, and "he shall rule over thee" can't be a bad thing after it just stated that she wants him to. 

I can think of few women who REALLY have confidence in themselves.
Maybe that's where it went  :-( 
We abused our independence, so it got taken away. 

I think the curse was, "After this, nothing will ever feel okay again unless there's somebody around to tell you that it's okay."

Friday, May 22, 2015

When I Left My Child in a Hot Cat

Andrea wanted to wait in the car while I ran an errand. 
Well, actually she didn't want to *wait* anywhere. 
So she tried to get me to hurry up, in her own inimitable way...

Monday, December 29, 2014

I Take It All Back About The Fireplace

Nothing at all on the agenda. Perfect time to mess around with my fireplace again. Only today I went at it with a different frame of mind; instead of philosophy and insecurity, I used a good old fashioned pile of cardboard, like we do when we actually want to make something burn.

Started off right with a roaring blaze, not apartment-sized at all, actually large enough to make the kids look up from their video games and me to start thinking about what story I will tell the firemen.

Which settles down to this within a few minutes. Okay, then.

And it's been cooking along ever since.

Now, this is NICE.  I take it all back about the fireplace being inefficient.  I only mismanaged it on my first try, that's all.

This is putting out serious heat, the kind you feel as a pushing sensation.  It warms the far corners of the room and back into the bedroom closets.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Misc August - September 2014

Yay for clever titles  :-)
By now it's going to include October and November stuff.
Even though it's December. I'll post the December stuff in March, maybe. 

A lady spinning wool into yarn, at the Farmer's Market.  I asked if I could take her picture.

I want to dress like that.  I want to spin bunny hair into yarn.  This lady buys her fiber; I want to get the fluff right off the BUNNIES!!!!  And wash it and card it and dye it and oh yeah. 
This may be one of my iron-clad whims and probably is  :-) 
And this is where I want to live.  Oh, not exactly here in central suburbia.
But I could sure handle the corner of my house looking like this.

"Boy, I wish I had a comfy chair right now."
The definition of zero discretionary spending is, expenditures = $0.00.
I love free stuff, but only free stuff that can go through the washing machine, which excludes upholstery.
Here's the redneck solution.
My kind conquers and settles, remember that  :-)

Another seating solution.  One of the darlings stood on the back bar of the old folding chair and bent it, making the chair unusable. I replaced the bar with a bit of hardwood that I scrounged from a rack someone had left out by the dumpster. Yay!

  Little me.  Oh I'm just sharing randomly now  :-)