Monday, December 29, 2008

messing with website

Boy I am so relaxed between classes. I really do love doing college online, but the time crunch is so hard! I just can't keep everything up. Something has to be let go. I had forgotten what having a couple hours to myself feels like.

I've been fiddling around with my website to show off my class results (Media 111 and Media 204) and then somebody gave me the idea of Google Adsense... just for fun I submitted my site. They turned it down because they only accept finished websites. What was keeping it from being finished was mostly a state of mind and the "under construction" text on the front page. I removed the offending text, resubmitted it and they accepted it within an hour.

Then I messed with page layouts, changed all the graphics, etc... eventually just added a white content box, cleaned up the dust again and put ads beneath.

Mainly I just wanted to show you the banners I was working on. They're very pretty, so was the layout. But I went back to the Russian Flowers theme again because it's familiar and feels like home.

The biggest problem I was having with that was trying to think of what text to use!

If I get into web design my ideal client will be the type of person who knows pretty much what she wants her website to look like and I just have to accomplish it. I'm not all that creative / original designer type. I'm a problem solver! Tell me what you want, I make it happen.

Monday, December 15, 2008

To Have and To Hold

I was so impressed with this story!  Easily THE most romantic novel I've ever read, that appealed to me the most. It was the bestseller of 1900. You already knew I was out of date, right?

Just happened across this cover. I don't necessarily like it, it's not what I had imagined at all. The first time the two characters meet each other, she's an aristocrat disguised as a puritan maiden, and the hero, though also a nobleman, is wearing buckskins: after he meets her, he is impressed enough to stop and scrape the mud off his boots with his knife.

It's all dramatic gestures and reading between the lines, and pirates and Indians and thrilling escapes.  Did you know about the Indian uprising against Jamestown, in which a quarter of all the whites in America were slaughtered? 

Read about it here,

And read the book for free here:

Thursday, April 10, 2008


My next class is a Photoshop class. The only project to be posted on the board this week is "anything", that's right, just photoshop something and share it with the group. So I sat down yesterday and had way more fun than I usually do. Usually if I started just playing with Photoshop guilt would get to me and I'd have to go do laundry or do something with the kids. But wait, this IS what I'm supposed to be doing!

The palette one made me crazy. This isn't exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to blend the other colored images (all from the Adobe Samples folder of safe, non-offensive images-- after all, I'm sure the teacher didn't really mean anything...) with the original paint blobs to make it look like glossy blobs of these images, but I'm not good enough with Photoshop yet to make it happen, so I settled for this.

The boat and lake image is the one provided for an example in the assignment, so I couldn't resist doing something else with that.

I'm in!

Flipping through the Chadwicks catalog that arrived this week I see a lot of dresses I'd actually wear. What do you know, "me" must be the style this year!
These are so cool I might order them, if I had money and if they were made in America.

Monday, March 17, 2008

No, Colemak!

Dvorak is yesterday's news. The future is here:

This is great! It's a layout specially designed for computers. The most frequently used keys are on the home row and the shortcut keys are preserved! It is so, so, so much more comfortable than Qwerty.

My post in the forum (long and ongoing):

Monday, February 25, 2008


Not a Czech composer (apparently not pronounced the same either), something far more useful :-)

I'm switching again.

I switched a couple years ago, absolutely loved the feeling of typing on Dvorak-- you can't believe how smooth, easy and non-strenuous it is compared to QWERTY until you try it-- but I gave it up because of the shortcut keys.

The only ONLY benefit of QWERTY is how many programs use Ctrl+Z undo, and X, C and V for cut, copy and paste, which are all on one hand and very convenient.

I've been suffering on QWERTY lately, and now I'm grown up enough to adapt to the loss of the shortcut keys. Some of them now use the left hand, is all-- the key shortcuts are the same, just not in the same locations any more. That can be gotten used to as well.

It's difficult for someone who typed 105 wpm to become a 20 wpm beginner again... but I've a feeling it won't take long :-)

LOL kittehz!!

Can't believe I spent that much time looking at the "kitteh" pictures and laughing... oh they're cute though!

...even the bad grammar's cute.