Friday, October 8, 2021

Gudrun's Fashions

Gudrun style

This is the kind of thing I've been favoring lately, as we head for a really cold new home! 

I've enjoyed looking into the idea of layers and how they did things in the middle ages, or almost up to the present time, with a couple of linen underlayers for warmth and cleanliness, then the pretty layer, then a sturdy apron or warm jumper over that. 

On my last visit to my cold new home I already looked like this, "You look like a pioneer woman!" as someone told me, just because the ruffled edge of my flannel nightgown showed under the denim jumper. 

I became a little self-conscious, but it's that or freeze. So I'll take layers. This website's style encourages me. Call it artsy! 

This one the very most of all, here I am! 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Random Inspiration: DeAnna Price at hammer throwing trials

Without Facebook I'm just going to have to post a lot more here! 

So this is today's entertainment. I don't follow any kind of sports, but looked up Deanna Price out of curiosity after noticing a photo of her in an article about someone in the same sport who is NOT a good role model. Never mind that. 

I was mostly curious what the sport looked like, then I found this adorable tank of a woman! She is so very STRONG, but somehow also dainty, and her determination, cheerfulness and passion shine through along with her warrior yell. It's a cool video. Have a look. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

I made a Crochet Cube Kitty for Karen

Here's where the pattern came from: 

It was a really cool pattern and worked great! 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Have You Ever Wondered if Your Child is an Artist?

Here's an easy way to tell!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie

What's actually happening here?

The layers: 
1. Graham crackers and butter
2. Cream cheese, sour cream, peanut butter and coconut sugar
3. Chocolate liqueur with butter and coconut sugar, plus magic (otherwise I can't explain how that turned into the amazing kind of chocolate drizzle that turns crispy when chilled-- every time I've ever TRIED to make it come out like that, it hasn't)
4. Blobs of whipped cream
5. More of 3)

There was no measuring and no cooking. 
Whoooooa but it was amazing. Sometimes everything just comes together. What else can I say.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Checking in: 2019

Hey, that's quite an accomplishment! I've now missed an entire year. Why was that? I dunno, there's no fresh inspiration to report.

I've been working on organizing stuff on my hard drive, with the intention to go back and catch up on my posts.  It's quite a mess. After my escape I used various old computers and the photos piled from one hasty, badly-organized backup to another. At this point, I'm thinking of giving up on 2018 and start fresh right now, posting the photos as I locate them! That causes a risk of overlapping-- posting the same old stuff twice-- but the other risk is of never catching up and never posting in my blog again. 

Here's today's random inspiration.  I went googling a phrase I heard long ago in the context of showjumping-- a rider said it. You can't admit the possibility of failure, or there's always that hesitation, and the fear causes the failure.

The quote is, "Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow."

And I found this lovely blog post--

Which addresses the worry, "But what if it doesn't work out?"

Right.  But what if it does?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like

Just because we are not doing Christmas doesn’t mean we can’t get fat on delicious spicy gingerbread cut into nondescript shapes!

Next next to the gingerbread there is homemade Mounds style candy made from coconut flakes mixed with honey and frozen, then dipped in chocolate.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Blue and white nighttime beauty

Walking in a winter wonderland!
Hasn’t snowed yet but we’ve got some blue and white right here in Olympia.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

This Morning's Cozy Fire

Welcome to my home!
We have a lovely fire going today. It’s only raining and dreary out there, not exactly bitterly cold, but we couldn’t wait another minute for the first fire of the season.
Build it, and they will come. Next thing you know, everyone is cozied up near it with a book.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Creations for 28" Barbie Best Fashion Friend

A gathered long sundress, and a cute peasant crop top and denim pencil skirt.
I'm really pleased with how these came out!

Glamping, Anti-Rodent Style

For those of us who are not giant fans of having small fuzzy critters scrambling over our bodies while we sleep.

There's a GRAND new invention called the Privacy Pop!  Here it is--

It's come down to $129, which is closer, but still out of reach of the rest of us.
The rest of us can handle plopping $18 for a "pop-up changing privacy shower tent" on ebay, especially when the need is urgent, as a sojourn in a rat-, black widow spider-, scorpion- and ant- infested place looms in our immediate future.
Like this-- (not the exact one I got)

This kind has a built-in ceiling and an open floor.

I stitched a piece of salvaged screen into a square frame of fabric, and stitched that to the bottom.

This is not the best looking job, I know it!  But you should have seen me trying to wrestle this giant spring-steel framed thing around under the sewing machine!  One of the steel springs has to go UNDER the presser foot and then a child has to hold up the rest of the contraption while I stitch.

"If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid."

And it worked GREAT.  Because I went by car and there was extra room, I hauled along my featherbed-- yes, someone gave me an old-fashioned featherbed, that's feathers in a bag that you sleep ON, or rather among; and if you've never experienced this bliss, I can only recommend you listen to a song by John Denver-- so each night, I popped up my tent, shook out my featherbed very, very well to evict any rattlesnakes that might have gotten in there, crammed it inside the tent, climbed in and zipped up that zipper and zipped the world OUT.

View from the inside.

While I was sleeping peacefully, the contents of my backpack weren't so lucky.  The mice got in there and had lunch.

Didn't discover this until I got back home. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Art for My Bare Walls

I had wanted one of these "Vibrant" series of jigsaw puzzles when I saw them in the store.  So many lovely designs, but Mt Shasta was my favorite!  Then I was walking by a garage sale and picked this one up for 50c!

Starts off easy enough!  Later bogs down in a purple slough of confusion.

I had this puzzle to this state once before, then gave up because "I don't have time to do jigsaw puzzles" and I scooped it back into the box and donated it to the church garage sale.
Then I volunteered at the church garage sale, redeemed Mt Shasta and took it home again  :-)

With a dedicated place in the living room for a puzzle to be spread out, you'd be surprised how much puzzling gets done while listening to kids or talking on the phone!

Here's the Shasta puzzle glued to poster board and up on my wall, about as close to fine art as I'm gonna get.


Then a magnificent idea struck, for how to get some more!

In fact, the famous A READING FROM HOMER--

It's easy!  Snag the huge "original file" jpg from Wikimedia here,,_English_(born_Netherlands)_-_A_Reading_from_Homer_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg

A little judicious trimming plus a white border in Photoshop to make it a suitable rectangle, and print out 12 x 18" at Costco on matte paper for a cost of four bucks.

I just picked that up tonight and I'm delighted with the results.  Close enough to ART to hang above my cozy little bed!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Curvy Barbie Progress!

That Curvy Barbie pattern that I'm "famous" for-- well, only a year and a half late, here it is!  
Curvy Barbie in a watermelon princess seams summer dress with ruffle

There, isn't that cute??

Check out Miss Blue's hairstyle!  I had to do something, couldn't fit dresses on her with all that hair down her back.
I tried to hold her between my knees and wrestle with her hair, tried a dozen and some times, could not get the hair and the bit of lace to cooperate, started to get frustrated...  finally I ran upstairs to get somebody to help me, then held the doll between my knees and wrapped the hair around to demonstrate what I wanted to happen, and it went just right! 
The hair ended up where it was supposed to go and I stuck the pins in it, and it was elegant and secure, while my would-be helper stood there watching.  
Well-- "Thank you!!"

Curvy Barbie's blue and black hair up in a bun

28" Barbie Best Fashion Friend

Meanwhile I fell in love with something new.  I spotted this big lady at Walmart and, at a moment of weakness, paid real money for her... well, twenty some bucks  :-)

She's 28" tall!  Not quite a My Size Barbie but close.

I recouped the price of her by selling clothes, and I'm gonna make more, and I'll get the pattern up SOON. 

Here's what I made for her! 

Not Mountains, but Not Little Hills

Every now and again I have a "life".
Every now and again I organize my photos folder.  Here we go! 

Soooo... I drove down to Cali and here's the photos of my sorta vacay.
On the way I stopped at Riverside Park in Grants Pass, where I've been before.  It's so pretty!

The sign says you have to be under twelve.  Bummer  :-(
But luckily I came at it from a different angle and didn't see the sign until I was already all played out, and nobody yelled at me  :-)
Don't I look under twelve?

That sort of thing right there is why everybody yells "Smile!!" at me.
Maybe I should.
I'll make a note.

I did some wandering around in Yreka--

The playground is my favorite place in any town  :-) 

Went to Greenhorn Park!

And climbed!  If you want to call it that... those hills, which is are challenge for me at this point!  Esp in 98 degree weather which I'm not exactly used to!

But there's a lovely view from the top... down at the valley with I-5 and Mt Shasta in the distance.

Look at those two pictures, they're basically the same composition, but in one the crowning blob of white is just a little cloud, and in the other it's Mt Shasta.

The next day's bathroom selfie at church, because I still had mountaintop glow on me, or at least it was that way in my brain and I liked myself for once  :-)

See, I'm smiling now, because mountain!
The mountain is where we need to live, and why should we ever come down?

Then I went to Medford and went up Table Rock!

Here's a couple from Wikimedia because none of mine are this cool.  And wowwww, the view from the air! 

Here are the ones I took.

Heading up there--

Where we're going.

The prettiness on the way

Almost there!

The top and the view from the top.

VERY aware of rattlesnakes and poison oak-- which I'm not aware of usually-- I'd just had my consciousness raised.  This horrible-sounding stuff was pointed out to me, and I took a photo of it for reference!

It sounds nasty.  In fact I did not enjoy the trip back down at all because I had to GO and I'm a girl, and that poison stuff was everywhere I looked, so trust me I just basically ran all the way back down to the (reassuring, concrete) restroom haha.

Oh well, fun was had!

It was a journey of a thousand miles-- almost  :-)