Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dave's butterfly

Dave came in the house and went upstairs without noticing this critter had come in with him. 

That’s not as bad a surprise as some other critters would be, if found in the same position!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Karen's sketches

Nifty Sport mp3 player headset

Don't you get irritated with that headset cord going from the ipod to your ears?  It's fine for just walking, but yardwork is impossible without catching on that cord all the time and yanking it loose.
I put "mp3 headset" into ebay to see if anyone had invented such a gadget yet and there it was.   I didn't expect much for $15, but it seems to work fine!  The sound's loud and clear, it's very lightweight and fits great.  The ends can be bent to match up with your ears.
There are only three buttons to control, one for play / pause (has auto turn-off) and two on either side to advance to a different song or replay, or hold them for volume up/down.
I have to say I'm tickled to have it. 

Watch out if you go shopping for one, some on ebay don't have built in memory and require a card.  This one has 2gb built in which is plenty for just some favorites. 
Here's the ebay auction I got it from
I know it's from China and I hate that... if there WAS one made here I wouldn't mind paying more... but there just isn't such a thing right now   :-(