Friday, May 22, 2009


I’ve had "learn Joomla" on my to do list for a while now. But I really think Wordpress is a better deal. It goes together so easily! A couple clicks and it's done, everything obvious, intuitive. Voila.
Not that Joomla might not be more suitable for the purpose… more powerful… more everything… and I can learn it if I need to! But can THEY? I read in an article (here):

"When I train clients on how to manage their websites It usually takes about 40 minutes with Wordpress, often a few hours with Joomla, though Joomla has more powerful features, every day tasks the client wants to learn take much longer to train.
"Unfortunately once a client has received training in Joomla they often need tips or hints at how to perform a task again a few weeks later, that scenario hasn’t come up once with Wordpress."

Now that is what matters to me! The people who want my help want it because they’re NOT the techie type. They just want to be able to update their own websites, not be dependent on me. That’s it, I’m sold. Wordpress it is.

Now goes on the to-do list "learn to customize Wordpress" and that’s a much smaller and funner-sounding assignment, honestly.

So with the sunshine today… I am a happy girl.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gütermann Nähseide

Gütermann Nähseide

Okay yes, that is showing off Colemak’s shortcuts for international characters :-)

I went to the fabric shop yesterday and no fabric or supplies hopped into my basket, but this did. A tin for $4, and not empty, but with spools of thread inside. Tin made in China, thread made of polyester, so my authenticity antennae were wavering, but I just couldn’t resist that picture.

Comes with four spools of sewing thread inside!