Monday, December 29, 2014

I Take It All Back About The Fireplace

Nothing at all on the agenda. Perfect time to mess around with my fireplace again. Only today I went at it with a different frame of mind; instead of philosophy and insecurity, I used a good old fashioned pile of cardboard, like we do when we actually want to make something burn.

Started off right with a roaring blaze, not apartment-sized at all, actually large enough to make the kids look up from their video games and me to start thinking about what story I will tell the firemen.

Which settles down to this within a few minutes. Okay, then.

And it's been cooking along ever since.

Now, this is NICE.  I take it all back about the fireplace being inefficient.  I only mismanaged it on my first try, that's all.

This is putting out serious heat, the kind you feel as a pushing sensation.  It warms the far corners of the room and back into the bedroom closets.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Misc August - September 2014

Yay for clever titles  :-)
By now it's going to include October and November stuff.
Even though it's December. I'll post the December stuff in March, maybe. 

A lady spinning wool into yarn, at the Farmer's Market.  I asked if I could take her picture.

I want to dress like that.  I want to spin bunny hair into yarn.  This lady buys her fiber; I want to get the fluff right off the BUNNIES!!!!  And wash it and card it and dye it and oh yeah. 
This may be one of my iron-clad whims and probably is  :-) 
And this is where I want to live.  Oh, not exactly here in central suburbia.
But I could sure handle the corner of my house looking like this.

"Boy, I wish I had a comfy chair right now."
The definition of zero discretionary spending is, expenditures = $0.00.
I love free stuff, but only free stuff that can go through the washing machine, which excludes upholstery.
Here's the redneck solution.
My kind conquers and settles, remember that  :-)

Another seating solution.  One of the darlings stood on the back bar of the old folding chair and bent it, making the chair unusable. I replaced the bar with a bit of hardwood that I scrounged from a rack someone had left out by the dumpster. Yay!

  Little me.  Oh I'm just sharing randomly now  :-)