Monday, February 25, 2008


Not a Czech composer (apparently not pronounced the same either), something far more useful :-)

I'm switching again.

I switched a couple years ago, absolutely loved the feeling of typing on Dvorak-- you can't believe how smooth, easy and non-strenuous it is compared to QWERTY until you try it-- but I gave it up because of the shortcut keys.

The only ONLY benefit of QWERTY is how many programs use Ctrl+Z undo, and X, C and V for cut, copy and paste, which are all on one hand and very convenient.

I've been suffering on QWERTY lately, and now I'm grown up enough to adapt to the loss of the shortcut keys. Some of them now use the left hand, is all-- the key shortcuts are the same, just not in the same locations any more. That can be gotten used to as well.

It's difficult for someone who typed 105 wpm to become a 20 wpm beginner again... but I've a feeling it won't take long :-)

LOL kittehz!!

Can't believe I spent that much time looking at the "kitteh" pictures and laughing... oh they're cute though!

...even the bad grammar's cute.