Monday, January 7, 2019

Checking in: 2019

Hey, that's quite an accomplishment! I've now missed an entire YEAR. Why was that? I dunno, there's no fresh inspiration to report.

I've been working on organizing stuff on my hard drive, with the intention to go back and catch up on my posts.  It's quite a mess; after my escape I used one "older" computer after another and the photos piled from one hasty, badly-labelled backup to another. At this point, I'm thinking of giving up on 2018 and start fresh right now, and post the photos as I locate them!  That causes a risk of overlapping-- posting the same old stuff twice-- but the other risk is NEVER catching up and NEVER posting in my blog again  :-)

Here's today's random inspiration.  I went googling a phrase I heard long ago in the context of showjumping-- a rider said it. You can't admit the possibility of failure, or there's always that hesitation, that fear of missing the mark, it's a shyness and hesitation, and then the fear causes the failure.

The quote is, "Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow."

And I found this lovely blog post--

Which addresses the worry, "But what if it doesn't work out?"