Friday, July 25, 2014

Karen's latest scribble

Therapy drawing.  This is what comes out when she's "down"! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Parade Without Log Trucks

Whoever heard of such a thing?? 
This isn't Shelton.  This is Lakefair Parade in Olympia, and it was reasonably good, otherwise.

These guys open every parade in the Northwest and are always worth watching just on their own!

The street here wasn't very wide so they couldn't do their really fancy moves. 
A photo of girls on a float.  It begins. 

One of the cops played loud rock music out his windows as if he was a float, too  :-)
This one entertained us with a back seat full of underage females in handcuffs.
His daughters, I take it. 
MEN on horses??
Do my eyes deceive me?
I was beginning to think riding horses in a parade was an exclusively female thing. 

I was even more impressed that actual men on horses would have actual guns!  
Uh, no.
Those are just props. Bummer. 

Now that's a fire TRUCK  :-) 
Is this our bus??
Probably the very one that goes by every day.
Love it. 
The firemen teaching us to take candy from strangers. 
I was impressed with this particular queen.  So many of them have an attitude like "Finally the lesser people have acknowledged how fabulous I am, so I will deign to wave at them," but this one genuinely seemed to be having a good time.  She was dancing for the love of life and spreading joyful vibes in a 360 around her.
'Twas cool. 

What is this abomination???
Here's where I really started to miss Shelton.
If only Paul Bunyan would show up to beat the living crap out of whatever this is.

And there's Paul Bunyan from Shelton!!
He seems unaware and he's grooving to "Timber."

I love it that they trust ONE female to ride in this parade hanging on to the side of something.  Those safety rings that they put around the princesses nowadays are so silly! 

Garbage guys, who, as the parade progressed, stopped at each garbage can on the sidewalk and emptied it into their shiny, sparkly garbage truck.
Are not garbage guys just as cool as the "more obviously romantic" professions?  We actually need them even more!! Showing off their usefulness highlights that fact and is a perfect excuse to flex repeatedly in a short sleeved shirt.
Win / win   :-) 
Karen said, "Mother, please."
Apparently she's going to get a t-shirt with an arrow that says she's NOT the fangirl, that's her mother. 
The purpose of a parade is to take pictures of things.  That's what we're here for. 
It's not my fault!  If there had been log trucks I wouldn't have had to be taking pictures of the fuzz!!
All done!
What was the point of that?
Well, what's the point of any of it?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This Isn't Zentangle

I was a snob about Zentangle at first because "that's only doodling."

But I admit that doodling as a purposeful way to relax the mind and body, is a new and valid concept and deserves its own name. 

THEN I get to be a snob because I don’t want to be found doodling according to someone else's ideas, copying patterns I got from books! 

"My own thing" isn't nearly as pretty.  But here it is! 

These are pages from my sketchbook that date from before Zentangle was a thing. 

Dave is an Arctic Runner!

This is from January 2014.  Love it that I'm posting it when it's like 85 degrees and all the Washingtonians are melting in the heat.
Try to adjust your thinking back to 17 degrees! 
In most kids' races Dave does well, but he's not really in training steadily, so the kids who train with a coach end up winning.  
This Reindeer Run, Dave entered the kids' race on a 17 degree day and walked away with it! 
The probable winners started off really fast like they normally do and zoomed ahead, but they ended up on the sidewalk with their lungs hurting and Dave just kept on chugging. 
The really great part is that Dave finally won a big race and his mother did not get a picture.  He was TOO fast for me! He came around the corner first, and it surprised me! 

Check out the Reindeer Run fashions!  Some were cute, some were crazy!  
That's how cold it was. 
Another stylish adult runner. 
Smokey the mascot from Crime Stoppers. 

I got a shot of Dave's back and his finishing time!  
There's the bike cop, coming back from leading the adult runners on their course.  What a cool idea!  The frontrunners don't have to pay attention to where to go, they just follow the bike. 

The bike cop complimented us on Dave's cold tolerance  :-)  

Glorious Miscellaneous

You must want to see my random pictures or you wouldn't be here!
And that's why I put them HERE  :-)  

The tank was basically full, but I don't think that's why the pump stopped.

Vicky's been labelling the jars in her kitchen...
I know that this idea came straight from her mother. 

Random excellentness in a parking lot.  I take pictures of stuff like this.  I am a follower of true STYLE! 

That's where I want to live! 
Take summer classes in order to avoid real life.
I chuckled over one of them, but when I saw the whole series and each was funnier...

What we gotta do when we don't have pie pans  :-) 
This was out by the garbage!  I LOVE it!  So classy looking.  And although similar to the ones at "that other place", also distinctly different.
I really like this chair.  Gonna haul this one around with me from now on (Lord willing, weather permitting, etc)
The kids wondered how somebody could actually throw away that nice chair... but they aren't, they put the chair out NOT on garbage day because they expect somebody to grab it within moments.  

This, too.  When I first moved here the boys wanted one of these at the Goodwill for $4 and I was pinching pennies.  This one's in better condition! 
And the table was by the garbage at Vicky's place.
I'll be your garbage collector for today!! 
A glass top for the handy setting down of hot cookies! 
Went for a walk and found this in the grass by the side of the road.  Um, I mean street!  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The First Anniversary of Freedom

I didn't plan for July 4th, 2013 to be the date of my final escape.  The whole thing began to blow up in the morning and the day went dramatically sideways, but it was only midway through it, about five pm actually, that the holiday came to mind. 
I am an American, this is Independence Day, I am not anyone's prisoner, I am not going to be a victim any more!

It occurred to me that July 4th would be a GREAT date to cast off the shackles, as it were, and deciding to claim that date actually helped by a bunch.

I'd been worried that I wouldn't have enough strength.

Having a deadline helps things get accomplished  :-) 
"I must get free tonight, because tonight is the coolest possible date for it." 

I may publish the account.  It is a pretty good level of drama and suspense!  But maybe not yet.
Right now, I've got some other FREEDOM to celebrate. 

For one thing, FREEDOM from drama!  The daily wallowing in emotions and expectations-- over.

Freedom from blame.  It doesn't matter any more whose fault it all was, or who was the meanest and nastiest.  Because it just doesn't. 

Freedom to go to sleep at night, with peaceful and pleasant vibes.  Leave the squabbling in the living room, "Let not the sun go down upon your wrath."  Be friends again before bedtime, and go to bed with a smile on your face. 

FREEDOM to do something else!  Like, get a life.  Have some plans.  Do some work!  Think of a goal and take steps to reach it.

Some time ago I was walking with Karen and she expressed something just like that-- how do we find something that's really inspiring, something worth striving for?
I started singing on the sidewalk:  "Climb every mountain!  Ford every stream, follow every rainbow, til you find your dream!  A dream that will need all the love you can give--"  etc.
Karen said, "Well, Mom, if this was a movie, I would probably start singing, too." 

Hey, you gotta go with the moment.  

And that's the big news, worth making a blog post about--  I've thought of a dream.  A goal.  Something to do.

I want to be a paralegal!

Does that not sound FUN?  When I read the list of classes, every one of them sounds like candy. 
I have the MS Office skills and the language skills and the thinking patterns. 
I would not do family law.  There's lots of law other than that.  I like contracts.  I like discussions of borders and maps.  I like concepts of right and responsibility. 
When I hear about someone being taken advantage of by others... something inside of me seems to flare up and glow. 

Can I do it?  I don't know.  Are there problems and difficulties?  Yes, indeed.  But is it doable?  Yes.  Could I do it, in theory?  Yes.  Could I do it if I wanted to badly enough and tried hard enough?  Yes and yes.

If it's HARD, then that means it's time to go up a notch. 

And those shoes I showed you a couple posts ago?
*perfect*    :-D