Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dave is an Arctic Runner!

This is from January 2014.  Love it that I'm posting it when it's like 85 degrees and all the Washingtonians are melting in the heat.
Try to adjust your thinking back to 17 degrees! 
In most kids' races Dave does well, but he's not really in training steadily, so the kids who train with a coach end up winning.  
This Reindeer Run, Dave entered the kids' race on a 17 degree day and walked away with it! 
The probable winners started off really fast like they normally do and zoomed ahead, but they ended up on the sidewalk with their lungs hurting and Dave just kept on chugging. 
The really great part is that Dave finally won a big race and his mother did not get a picture.  He was TOO fast for me! He came around the corner first, and it surprised me! 

Check out the Reindeer Run fashions!  Some were cute, some were crazy!  
That's how cold it was. 
Another stylish adult runner. 
Smokey the mascot from Crime Stoppers. 

I got a shot of Dave's back and his finishing time!  
There's the bike cop, coming back from leading the adult runners on their course.  What a cool idea!  The frontrunners don't have to pay attention to where to go, they just follow the bike. 

The bike cop complimented us on Dave's cold tolerance  :-)  

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