Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I went by the sewing shop to get some Pfaff bobbins. They wanted $6 for four of them, which is highway robbery. The other kind are $2 for ten and it's the same plastic.
Ed and Dave were looking at the embroidery patterns, and I tried to explain about embroidery machines, how they have their own hoop. I asked the lady if there was a machine with a hoop on it, and she showed us one that had a piece of fabric on which she had embroidered "Love." She asked Dave what his name was and added that beneath, then took the square off and gave it to us. How delightful! It can be a quilt square. I said I had another boy at home, and she said to come in again sometime and she'd make another square.
She showed me stabilizer for $12 the roll, I didn't buy it. I took home the piece she had just ripped off; it was enough for a couple more uses.

I've had this pillowcase in the top drawer for a while now, not exactly getting done. I used the cool new sewing machine and green thread to finish the leaves. Yeah, I know, pretty simple. I just drew the design on there with a pen :-)

Then looked at Walmart, and found stabilizer for $1.50 a square yard! Glad I didn't buy it at the sewing store!

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