Saturday, February 6, 2010

Started... ? Finished 2010

I saved the pattern pic in 2004, so it's safe to assume I cut out the dress shortly thereafter. In the dark void between 2004 and now, it lay mostly-finished in a drawer. The only parts not done were the neckline facing and the hem, and the only thing stopping me were a couple of mental blocks. I didn't think it looked very good, I didn't think I could do a facing that would come out right and I knew it needed something but not what.
Well I just dragged it out and finished it. The idea here is to make a neckline facing, not a *perfect* neckline facing. It looks okay, really. And WHAT it needed was some hearts from the cool Pfaff that I didn't have in 2004!!!

Picture cropped at neck because of habitual glum expression. I really got to smile more, like they've been telling me all along. Grumpy's looking worse every year.

Neither of those seams are supposed to be there. One's because I was running out of fabric. One's because I didn't line up the neck facing right. Oh, well. That's no reason to stay in the drawer for the REST of time.

That's a SIDE ZIPPER. Do you see any sign of a zipper? Hahaha, do I rock???