Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Burda spiral skirt

Look, Burda just came out with one! It's definitely better than the Butterick version but not as nice as mine :-)


I'm still around. Flash class just finished. I'm working on a spiral skirt for Karen, it's all cut out and sewing that today. Someone's asked me for lengths of spiral skirts, how long does it take to grab a tape measure?? Anyway it's on the to-do list! A couple other requests, I'll get to them...


Anonymous said...

I love your spirals! Will be making square dance skirts with your pattern...

Any thought about using a 6" and 8" gore in alternating pattern?

Are the two compatible?

Janel said...

Skirt 4 on the spirals page would be PERFECT for square dance skirts! What a cool idea! I had square dance lessons a few years ago... and just last week, went to a street fair where they had a country fiddle band and free square dance lessons. Such fun.
As to alternating 6" and 8" gores, I really do not know, except to try it!
I'd love to see pictures of how your skirts come out!