Tuesday, April 27, 2010

waffle IRON

I've had lots of waffle "teflons" and they work great for a while, then the teflon suddenly loses its unsticky and you're left trying to clean a thousand chunks of burnt waffle without immersing the contraption in water.
Anyway teflon's bad for you.
DH bought this waffle IRON somewhere, and I thought it was a cute idea, but not very practical. How do you get both sides to heat up?
Yesterday he wanted waffles really really badly (I normally make pancakes which are easier, faster and taste the same) so I used both halves like flat irons for one side of a waffle. Then I flipped them out into a regular pan. It's not like he's gonna lift the waffle to make sure it's a waffle on the back side too :-)
The crispy little squares full of syrup are the important part!

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Mermaid said...

Waffels are like pancakes? But not in Skandinavia! You have to use both sides. One side is on the fire and the other one is on the waffel, then both sides of the waffel will get warm. Use cardamom for a good waffel then it will not taste like a pancake ;)