Monday, June 21, 2010


We went to a water park recently and I was impressed with the swimwear... some people look carefree in their swimsuits but many looked uncomfortable and just wished they could be a little more covered up!  I saw just ONE girl in a homemade, modest swimsuit.  It looked just like a dress, but with short skirt and short sleeves, made of swimsuit lycra.  She was so comfortable and pretty! 
I decided my daughters must have this.
Bought four yards of nice textured lycra and started cutting.  I have this Kwik-Sew book with a whole bunch of patterns in it, patterns for everything and the book was only like $15.  I used the leotard pattern with short sleeves and just added a skirt, and the pattern for short shorts. 
It came out SO WELL!
I used the serger a lot which made it super easy.  The serger's differential feed means you can set it so the front feed dogs go a little faster than the rear, so the fabric's slightly gathered instead of stretched, and the seams come out perfectly smooth.  It's tough to make knit fabric come out smooth with a regular machine! 

REALLY talented is when you can hold it up and take the picture at the same time  :-)
I actually tried it on myself and it fits me too, just a little tight!  I'm going to get more fabric and make myself one too.  I'm not so important because I'm the one who's in charge of the group, not one of the swimmers...

The dress was too tight at first, because I cut it as for a swimsuit.  You don't want a dress to dip in at the middle back like a swimsuit does.  So I had to slice it open and add a triangle... now it looks just fine.  That's why I bought a floral pattern! 

All done...

Matching shorts. 

Andrea refuses to have her face in the picture  :-) 

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