Thursday, December 2, 2010

WIO Diary: Windmills

I told Ed I had just walked two and a half miles.
He said, “You did not walk two and a half miles!  You didn’t even make it off your little rug!”


Here's my little rug, isn't it pretty?  Got it at Home Depot for $12.  It has thick stress-resistant padding.  Didn't even notice until after buying that it was MADE IN USA.  Cool.

I suppose I didn't build these windmills either?
Look how cool.  You have to get some distance to even see how tall they are.  Yay, now my island has wind power to keep all these lights on!

Taking pictures of TV with digital camera sometimes makes the colors look strange…

Here's Dave's island at five in the afternoon. There's different light for different times of day on the island, and morning and evening are so beautiful.

Another day I did three and a half miles to nowhere. I have every single song, constellation, and clock piece except for the 12 noon ones. The island is only 23% built though. Lots more to go!

I built some "luxury houses" and was startled to find it a 900 sq ft bungalow on a postage-stamp lot. Culture difference, right?  Like American workers who go to Japan and stay in housing "the size of a bathroom" and start to go bonkers. It's a matter of perspective!
I was also surprised when I built the hotel, and couldn’t see the top from where I was standing. In my world a hotel is three stories, max.