Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barbie "Be a Real Fashion Designer"

I had a $20 coupon from Mattel. What to spend it on? Well, it would have to be something that we would never buy otherwise!
So Andrea got this kit. I never would have spent money on this. It was kinda fun though. We had a good time decorating. You get five simple dresses and a bunch of stickers and glitter to put on them. It's a good concept. My biggest complaint would be that the dresses aren't very well made-- photo of back of the purple dress is to prove that-- if I made a dress that came out like that I'd call it a do-over!
I'm going to make a few more simple Barbie dresses so she can use up the rest of the stuff that came in the kit. That's the plan anyway, don't hold your breath for it happening :-)

PS, forgot to mention how I got a $20 coupon from Mattel! I bought Apples to Apples for Christmas, and the bottommost card in one of the decks looked like it had been through a machine. I sent it to them and asked for a new one (it was the "chocolate bonbons" card or I wouldn't have bothered) and they sent me the coupon instead. 

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