Thursday, March 24, 2011

ISO the brown fabric I ran out of

Yay!  Nice floral fabric on sale for $2 / yd!
So I bought all they had and cut out a dress for myself, with a tiered skirt.  Fabric allowance?  Who knows, I just cut a pile of straight pieces for the tiers and it looked like a big pile  :-D  
Got the top done and the first tier before I realized I don't have anywhere near enough.  Walmart's all out of it, and I've checked three local Walmarts.  It was already on the discount pile when I found it and there was some lag time before I cut it, so it's really all gone by now. 

Perchance anybody out there in Net-land have more of this particular fabric? 


Rose/Miros said...

Can you match the pink or brown with solid fabric and alternate patterned and plain tiers?

(I came here to look at the Barbie patterns and found a lot of other cool stuff!)

Janel said...

I've thought about that, and will do it as a last resort. I'd get some of the dark pink and put little bits of it alternating with bits of the original. It might come out looking like a work of art, but it would be *work* :-)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!