Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Patchwork Dress - this is not what they meant

Go me!  Another masterpiece cut out with no thought for fabric allowance!
I knew four yards wouldn't be enough for this but started carving anyway.  The second to last piece has a seam in the middle and the very last piece looks quite interesting from the wrong side.  It's okay, it's a floral, nobody'll ever notice!!!

I have SUCH a problem with getting my act together and getting started on projects!  Yet, I require some sense of accomplishment or my self-respect nosedives.  I've been needing some new clothes for a while now and haven't gotten started making any.
This morning I had a whim to sew myself a jumper before leaving.  Didn't manage that of course, but at least I got one all cut out which is a quantifiable, documented step in the right direction. 
Tomorrow I'll sew it, God willing. 

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