Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Blog, Therefore I Amount to Something

My Mom doesn't see my blog, because she won't use a computer. Great idea-- print some of it for her!  I had wanted to try out making a photobook with InDesign, so I cobbled some stuff from this blog into a layout and uploaded it.

It was only $14 for a 20 page photobook, and it came out looking pretty slick.  I was happy with it, and mailed it off to Mom. 

Mom called t'other night to say she had read it. She must've been impressed: "I never thought you'd amount to anything, but it seems like you know how to do all kinds of things!"

I asked, "Why did you think I wouldn't amount to anything?"

She said, "Oh, because of your messy desk."

But if self-publishing is all it takes to amount to something, I've always amounted! My very first diary when I was a little kid didn't say "Keep Out", it said "I hope you enjoy this diary." :-) 

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Heather said...

Janel, this made me laugh out loud. Your mom sounds JUST LIKE my grandmother.