Sunday, January 8, 2012

Phone Pics from Westport and Skechers SRR Resistance Runners

As usual, I had nothing along to record the gorgeousness but my pathetic phone cam. 

Westport-08 Westport-19 Westport-33 Westport-34 Westport-28  Westport-35 Westport-36 Westport-40

I bought a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups last year.  I've been using them in the house (in muddy Washington distinction must be made between dedicated-indoor and outdoor shoes) primarily for Walk It Out, and I love them.   The difference between that rocking sole and regular shoes is huge.  They have a natural stretching in the backs of the legs and a pushing-off motion in the rolling forward step. 
I'd been reading about the new SRR Resistance Runners, they're like the Shape-Ups only more stable.  Click here to read all the rave:

I ordered a pair from Amazon for $65, but while I was waiting for them to arrive, I found some at Costco for $20.  I had to pay the return shipping to Amazon but it was only $5 so I still came out $35 ahead  :-) 

my-new-Skechers-SRR-1 my-new-Skechers-SRR-3

They even leave a pretty spirally footprint which floats my boat. 


In my enthusiasm for having outdoor Shape-Ups, I wore them to Westport the first day I had them. 

CAVEAT:  they are NOT for climbing on rocks!! 
I've climbed on the rocks in everything from flip-flops to snow boots, and I was never so scared as this.  I got back down instantly and watched from the sidewalk like a dedicated old lady.  These shoes have no hollow between toe and heel and they don't bend in the middle at all.  It's the most unnatural feeling on rocks! 

Oh, well, they're for walking and jogging  :-) 
And they're just wonderful for that.  They were comfortable on day one through a whole day's activities and made my legs feel great.  We eventually got to walk on the path for a while, and it felt so good I just wanted to do it for hours. 

Westport-15 Westport-20

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