Friday, June 27, 2014

Killer Shoes from the Clothing Bank

I have enough money to get by, if I'm really careful.  Rice and pinto beans, yum!!
The lack of any cushion worries me a bit, but I've realized from the lives of others around me, that with any reliable income I am well off.  
The ones I feel sorriest for are the fathers with young families, who can't find a job despite trying.  That's gotta hurt. 
Anyway.  Some have told me to go to the food bank, but I don't feel right about it.  Others need that worse than I do.

The clothing bank is another story!  In America, grown-up women's cast-off fashions are so abundant that there's plenty for all and no end in sight.
In that marvelous place (run by the Catholic church) they hang up all the donations, and a couple times a week let everybody in to "shop" for free.

I've found all kinds of cool stuff there!
What a boost it is to get new-to-me and different stuff to wear, quite regularly!  
In a way, it's even MORE fun even than the thrift shop, because you can pick up anything that looks interesting, bring it home and if you don't end up liking it, just donate it again.
As Karen's pointed out, this expands our options because we sometimes pick up things we are not sure are really the type of thing we'd wear, then it turns out to be.

I stay pretty true to form  :-)
It must have flowers all over it.  

Karen says of this one, "It looks like you want to be a nurse."
I haven't worn it, it'll probably get donated again! 

These, I love.  LOVE, I tell you!!

There's no longer any law that says I have to wear flats.
I'm 5'10" in these!

For walking around inside buildings, a slight heel is actually more comfortable, but I had not hitherto found a heel that suited me.  Most heels seem so unstable. 
And then I find THESE and they were FREE
*happy sigh* 

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