Friday, January 8, 2010

Flash class starts

I'm taking two classes, Adobe Flash, and a one-credit class called Online Success. The latter is just learning how to do classy stuff. I can do that!
I'm SO relieved to be back in fun graphics classes again. Math is fun too, or would be if it was a more leisurely pace, but they pile so much into math class! This last one that was causing me to go all freak-out, was having us do four sections a week, and each section contains six to ten new concepts. I'm not exactly a slug at all this, but my distraction level with five kids around is huge. You need a little quiet to understand new things in math.
With graphics class it's basically just tutorials, nothing you really have to "get", it's just another crafts project that can be set aside and later picked up at exactly the same place. And the workload is just a lot less. I don't know why, maybe they think math is supposed to be a serious class, and you're supposed to be grim and desperate all the time?

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