Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My box of scraps

I love my box of scraps. These are the strips too narrow to be cut into any of the collections of squares I've got going on.
I can't explain why I love this box so much.  I just do.  It's so frugal.  It's so nothing-into-something.

When I have five minutes to myself, I pull out that box and add a couple of strings to the latest block, then put it away. When I'm stressed out, sometimes I think about the box of scraps in there waiting for me, and just thinking about it makes me feel better! 

Maybe when I'm an old lady with nothing else to do, I'll make some of those magnificent, organized masterwork quilts.  For now, it's just so soothing to sew a seam here and there without needing to match up anything into any pattern. 

Here's that latest string quilt top, now layered and tied and just needs to be bound. 

There's the 4" squares.  I cut them out of the scraps first, then use the rest for the strings.  This is the style of quilt that I like the appearance of best-- just squares at random.  It looks so homelike and welcoming.  There's no thought to this except to make sure no two pieces of the same fabric end up right next to each other, and I can handle that level of stress  :-) 

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