Thursday, November 10, 2011

Feast Gear Shopping at Goodwill

What do you think, do these look medieval??
I've gotta make a few cloth napkins too :-)

The goblet and knife are on the paper towel because after freezing them (to kill germs) I sprayed the wooden portions with Scott's Liquid Gold.
An adult's going to have to use the goblet and even then it's risky. It's tall, topheavy and the base isn't very wide.

It's all foreign-made of course, but at least the proceeds are only benefiting the thrift shop at this point!

All of them 25c each!
The gold spoon was Mike's choice. That isn't gold plating, is it? I can't tell! It doesn't look medieval at all, but at least it's pretty :-)
The two knives are touching because the handles are magnetized and can't stay apart!

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fibrowitch said...

The utensils look amazing! I have not been near a good will in ages, I should wander around one soon.