Friday, November 25, 2011

Honey Ice Cream

I was going to use all honey, but cheated just a bit because it's easier to mix the gelatin together with some sugar before trying to stir it into the cream.
They were out of cream the night before Thanksgiving, so I used half half-and-half and half milk. Came out splendiferously delicious anyway.

Ice Cream recipe:

1/2 cup sugar, mix with--
2 TBSP gelatin, stir into--
4 cups cream

Cook until just short of boiling

Beat 6 eggs in a separate bowl, then slowly drizzle the hot cream into the eggs while whisking them vigorously
(if you pour the eggs into the hot cream, you'll just get a pile of cooked eggs)

Cook two more minutes

Stir in--
1 cup honey
4 cups cream
3 TBSP vanilla

Pour into a shallow pan and freeze for an hour or two, then stir. Set a timer and stir more frequently as it hardens, until it's finally too stiff to stir.

We basically have to go to bed before it's ready and then eat it the next morning, or it doesn't last long enough to harden all the way :-)

This batch has already been got at, before it could even be photographed, as you see.

BTW that's a big pan of ice cream. It doesn't quite get across the sense of proportion, because it's a big spoon.