Saturday, December 10, 2011

progress of garb, Dec

Made a few more steps since we last spoke!

You've seen the white underdress already,

and I also made a shorter underdress, partially to finish testing that pattern,

today I made an overdress, very simple with short sleeves, and either of those looks fine under it!

This is for Karen. I'm going to add lacing in the back to make it fit her.

Andrea's outfit, from this pattern,

is done except for the side lacing (I'm putting off learning how to do eyelets)
The sides aren't perfect, I kinda messed up that part, but I don't think anyone will notice.
For the record the surcote is forest green and the underdress is bright light blue.

But Andrea likes the cool-tone blue dress I made for myself under it better! So I'll try to make something else for myself, because the blue dress was a bit plain. If I don't have time then she'll just have to use this one.

I showed you the jumper idea I liked... I don't know what era this is supposed to be (if any)

Here's a pattern I went just far enough with to see that it comes out the way I want. Later on I'll add the gores and finish the test model for everyday use.

The plan was to cut it out of the gorgeous scales fabric! But I simply cannot get scissors near that fabric with that intention. My subconscious wants to save that for something else, I guess. So what am I going to make the jumper out of? Or what will I make the gorgeous scales into? I don't know yet.
It's so pretty!

In the meantime, here's the plan for the boys:

Enormous side-trip into bias patchwork for trim... no idea if that's the way it's done, but I was having fun.

Worn over a basic long sleeve shirt

That MUST have some kind of applique on the chest, which will make all the difference.
Ignore the camouflage pants. I'll make them some black ones (if time permits)

So the next tasks in order of importance are:
something for the head, for me (to hide the short hair)
handbag for me, cell phone and car keys being what they are,
and then cloaks for everybody, but it's not a disaster if we just wear our coats and pile them somewhere
napkins and something to carry dishes in, should be a big basket only I haven't secured one yet!

This is all terra incognita for me. One step at a time.