Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 70s and the Peasant Look

These are from "Fashionable Clothing From The Sears Catalogs", mid 70s and late 70s. 

 SearsCat70s18 SearsCat70s09SearsCat70s07SearsCat70s14SearsCat70s17  SearsCat70s15  SearsCat70s13 SearsCat70s12 SearsCat70s16SearsCat70s20SearsCat70s11 SearsCat70s10  SearsCat70s08  SearsCat70s05 SearsCat70s03 SearsCat70s02

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Mom Sleppy said...

I took a look at these and was SOOO inspired! Love them! I know how I'll be spending my summer. Thanks for sharing.