Thursday, June 21, 2012

Custom Quilting Templates MORE non-skid than OmniGrip

I found something really cool with ebay seller "425rnshim".  He cuts custom quilting templates, and the material he uses is MORE non-skid than OmniGrip! 

I've bought a 4" hexagon template, and a 10" square for trimming my finished blocks. 

The pieces come perfectly clear, I just ran a permanent marker around the edges so I could see the thing  :-) 


I know when you make crazy quilt squares you're supposed to make them 1/2" larger than you really want them to be, then trim off.  I don't like doing that!  Building in a lot of extra only to throw it away?  You have to do that if you're not perfectly precise... and I can't say I'm perfectly precise.  But with a clear square to overlay I can check and make sure I have the whole square completely covered, then trim around.  Very WYSIWYG and very cool. 

quilting-templates-from-ebay-1 quilting-templates-from-ebay-2

The nifty part is that the material he uses is MORE non-skid than OmniGrip. 
OmniGrip is supposed to be nonskid, but if you're not careful and keep constant pressure on, an OmniGrip ruler will scoot all over the place. 
These clear templates, laid on top of fabric, are going nowhere.  Even the slightest pressure is enough to keep it completely motionless, it's like they magnetize with the fabric or something. 
OmniGrip's nonskid is in the markings, not in the material.  The clear stuff Rodney uses is inherently nonskid.  And a lot cheaper than OmniGrip! 
He has templates with markings etched on them, too, if you want that. 


Check him out, here's the link: