Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yes, I'm Alive

How about that!  I haven't posted in my blog since June! 
warm kitty basking in the sunshine
Let's have some miscellaneous.  Starting off with warm and silky...
Dave-cat-Magformers-3 Dave-cat-Magformers-7
The world's most tolerant kitty.  Look at the kitty gloves!   

antique-shopping ice cream scoop and strainer
Found in an antique shop: a scoop with metal gears that won't fail six months after buying, and a strainer with the holes only in the bottom, for draining something into a container.  
chevron-dishrag knit
Cotton dishrag x playing =
model train in candy section toy train in candy section
How fiendish can a candy section get?  We stand there and watch the choo-choo train while the sugar communicates with our bloodstream.  Nice.  The word "organic" in the sign means there's better things to eat far over toward the right of the photo, but unfortunately the train is here. 
how Rome parallels the United States how Rome compares to United States
And political commentary!  I found this in a homeschool textbook.  Just cross out Rome and write United States, and isn't this basically what happened? 
Here's me carrying a bouncy inflatable rolling play thingie (no idea what to call it).  The photographer titles this photo, "Thought Bubble." 

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Ingrid said...

Animals are so tolerant of the children in their lives.
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