Monday, October 22, 2012


Why not? 
My footwear is usually pretty not exciting.  I'm that boring type who will wear comfortable, ugly shoes.

Here's the opposite! 

Andrea wanted to go in Charlotte Russe and try on ridiculous shoes, so I tried some on, too  :-)
The slinky shoes are perfect with the church lady dress, eh? 

At Payless Shoes they had some boots that actually stood out as a possibility.  

Sixty bucks for made you-know-where, and that's a bummer, but I do need them. 
Gone are the days when I used to get a pair of  $200 Land's End boots every couple years, black leather, waterproof-in-the-tanning, Thinsulate and cushioned footbed, made in USA! 
My most recent boots were Timberland, and are still going strong and waterproof, but they do look a bit too biker-chick for me, and are now starting to look old. 
I'd like to have some presentable boots around just in case I suddenly need to go somewhere nice.  So I got them. 

Good luck at the Goodwill, for Karen: 

I was a little jealous!  Those are cute shoes! 
And then next time at the Goodwill, there were some for me...

They are totally ME complete to the topographic maps on the bottom!  They are comfortable!  And they were $10.  Win! 


Jenny said...

those first shoes you tried on are really pretty!!! But I agree with you - I also like to wear shoes that are comfortable, doesn't matter if they're not "fashion" =D
Jungpo follow me 7

Unknown said...

shoe shopping is the best, trying on impractical shoes, even better!!! sometimes it is all a girl needs :)
goodwill forever! ~mamainshane, swap-bot, follow me #7

cfchai said...

I love boots~
But pity I have heavy bottom and my fat legs don't look nice in boots. :(

-- cfchai (Swap: Follow me #7)

Jessica said...

Shoes now this is a post all women can relate too. :) Sounds like a good day of fun.

~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

Pookledo said...

i wear shoes like the ones you bought. They are so comfy! :)

Pookledo at swapbot