Monday, February 8, 2016

Homemade Pot Rack

I have some very nice stainless steel pans that came from a relative, but in this little apartment kitchen there's nowhere to store them.  I love my kitchen, LOVE, I'm just saying there isn't room for the pans!

Last year I got clever and harvested a vine maple branch from the woods behind us, crafted some hangers from hangers and there you go.
There's still that certain level of celebration because "there's nobody to stop me!" from dragging forest products indoors to use for stuff.

And yet.  Now we have a saggy branch with the bark still on hanging in my kitchen.

I won't spend money, but I... kind of... took... utilized... swiped... one of the long boards my older daughter had left in my garage.
They were for a project she was going to make and then didn't. 
When I had the idea I grabbed that long board and sawed it into the length I needed really quick before my conscience could kick in.

Hey, she had left it there a LONG time!
Yeah, okay, I'm gonna discuss it with her.  

There's the hand drill I got at a garage sale for $4 back when I had money :-)
I ALWAYS drill pilot holes, just because I love my non-electric drill so much.

You mean man glitter?

Sudden sidetrip down memory lane, as I remember being fascinated by the piles of sawdust under my dad's table saw.  As a little kid I loved sweeping up that pleasant-smelling sawdust and vacuuming under the mats. 

It's not visible here, but of course I put the two legs on the wrong way the first time.
Just take 'em off and reverse 'em, no harm done. 


The pizza peel is a storage problem.
Really the only place for it is standing alongside the fridge, then it has to be washed before use, which isn't ideal.  

Large allen wrench through the handle, and it just hangs on top of the board.  It's not going anywhere.  The whole setup would have to scoot five inches away from the wall before it could fall down. 

Dave says, "That looks MUCH better." 

Apparently that piece of 1x2 oak cost twenty some bucks. Gulp.
DD graciously forgave me and converted the theft into a gift  :-)