Sunday, August 13, 2017

Not Mountains, but Not Little Hills

Every now and again I have a "life".
Every now and again I organize my photos folder.  Here we go! 

Soooo... I drove down to Cali and here's the photos of my sorta vacay.
On the way I stopped at Riverside Park in Grants Pass, where I've been before.  It's so pretty!

The sign says you have to be under twelve.  Bummer  :-(
But luckily I came at it from a different angle and didn't see the sign until I was already all played out, and nobody yelled at me  :-)
Don't I look under twelve?

That sort of thing right there is why everybody yells "Smile!!" at me.
Maybe I should.
I'll make a note.

I did some wandering around in Yreka--

The playground is my favorite place in any town  :-) 

Went to Greenhorn Park!

And climbed!  If you want to call it that... those hills, which is are challenge for me at this point!  Esp in 98 degree weather which I'm not exactly used to!

But there's a lovely view from the top... down at the valley with I-5 and Mt Shasta in the distance.

Look at those two pictures, they're basically the same composition, but in one the crowning blob of white is just a little cloud, and in the other it's Mt Shasta.

The next day's bathroom selfie at church, because I still had mountaintop glow on me, or at least it was that way in my brain and I liked myself for once  :-)

See, I'm smiling now, because mountain!
The mountain is where we need to live, and why should we ever come down?

Then I went to Medford and went up Table Rock!

Here's a couple from Wikimedia because none of mine are this cool.  And wowwww, the view from the air! 

Here are the ones I took.

Heading up there--

Where we're going.

The prettiness on the way

Almost there!

The top and the view from the top.

VERY aware of rattlesnakes and poison oak-- which I'm not aware of usually-- I'd just had my consciousness raised.  This horrible-sounding stuff was pointed out to me, and I took a photo of it for reference!

It sounds nasty.  In fact I did not enjoy the trip back down at all because I had to GO and I'm a girl, and that poison stuff was everywhere I looked, so trust me I just basically ran all the way back down to the (reassuring, concrete) restroom haha.

Oh well, fun was had!

It was a journey of a thousand miles-- almost  :-)