Sunday, August 13, 2017

Curvy Barbie Progress!

That Curvy Barbie pattern that I'm "famous" for-- well, only a year and a half late, here it is!  
Curvy Barbie in a watermelon princess seams summer dress with ruffle

There, isn't that cute??

Check out Miss Blue's hairstyle!  I had to do something, couldn't fit dresses on her with all that hair down her back.
I tried to hold her between my knees and wrestle with her hair, tried a dozen and some times, could not get the hair and the bit of lace to cooperate, started to get frustrated...  finally I ran upstairs to get somebody to help me, then held the doll between my knees and wrapped the hair around to demonstrate what I wanted to happen, and it went just right! 
The hair ended up where it was supposed to go and I stuck the pins in it, and it was elegant and secure, while my would-be helper stood there watching.  
Well-- "Thank you!!"

Curvy Barbie's blue and black hair up in a bun