Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Art for My Bare Walls

I had wanted one of these "Vibrant" series of jigsaw puzzles when I saw them in the store.  So many lovely designs, but Mt Shasta was my favorite!  Then I was walking by a garage sale and picked this one up for 50c!

Starts off easy enough!  Later bogs down in a purple slough of confusion.

I had this puzzle to this state once before, then gave up because "I don't have time to do jigsaw puzzles" and I scooped it back into the box and donated it to the church garage sale.
Then I volunteered at the church garage sale, redeemed Mt Shasta and took it home again  :-)

With a dedicated place in the living room for a puzzle to be spread out, you'd be surprised how much puzzling gets done while listening to kids or talking on the phone!

Here's the Shasta puzzle glued to poster board and up on my wall, about as close to fine art as I'm gonna get.


Then a magnificent idea struck, for how to get some more!

In fact, the famous A READING FROM HOMER--

It's easy!  Snag the huge "original file" jpg from Wikimedia here,

A little judicious trimming plus a white border in Photoshop to make it a suitable rectangle, and print out 12 x 18" at Costco on matte paper for a cost of four bucks.

I just picked that up tonight and I'm delighted with the results.  Close enough to ART to hang above my cozy little bed!