Friday, February 4, 2011

Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals - Linda Carr

Wow, only ten bucks??  And the hardbound version which is really nice, that's only $14.
I'd gone looking for it on Ebay after borrowing it from the library, and couldn't find it for anywhere near that price... I'm gonna go buy that right now!
I digress, I was just gonna share the pics of what Andrea made with it  :-)

It's a COOL book!  Andrea opened it right up, traced the patterns and cut out this little bear, and it went together with only a little help from me.

And then I embroidered the nose and mouth.  Mike told me it didn't look good and I was supposed to do it like the picture.  Gotta love honest little kids  :-)



wendylf said...

You and Andrea did agreat job!The bear is really cute and I will look for the book.

Good work!

Hallie said...

I got that book, and love it! Is that the pattern for the dog?

Janel said...

I believe that is "Pablo the Polar Bear"!