Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Garb Progress, Sept-Oct

Okay, here's what I'm working on.  Here's another old sheet testing the shape of the sleeves.  They're not very flattering, but they're about what I had in mind as far as the narrow fit, so I'm gonna go with this.  I don't like the wrinkles at the top, but I like sleeves that are built to be mobile.  Since childhood I've disliked sleeves that are fitted for having one's arms down at the side and there's a pulling sensation when the arms are lifted.  This sleeve's the opposite! 

Another picture of me in my nightie, for the internet :-)
I've got some actual LINEN, and it's such a gorgeous shade! I washed and dried it, and it came out just wonderful. Now I'm too scared to cut into it.

(How about that dramatic-looking wound on the arm? That's only a bit of primer where I reached past a painted corner, and it was already dry when I noticed. I tried scraping it off with my fingernail. Just a bit more and I'd've made myself bleed, yet the paint was still there. They were right about the stuff bonding to the surface, eh?)

So I made my first real test out of some content-unknown fabric I picked up on the clearance table.
But I like how this came out-- I like this A LOT. I think it looks medieval and it feels medieval. I've just got to decorate it, sleeve and neck trim, and it'll look really cool.
(It's poufy because I'm wearing the patchwork dress under it!) 
Maybe it FEELS so medieval because of the great amount of extra fabric "puddled" on the floor! In the old statues the noble ladies always have their extra skirt fabric piled artistically over their shoes. But mine's because I cut the gores much too long, and that will be trimmed.

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