Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unsupervised Cake Decorating

She asked for fondant, that stuff you can roll or mold. It's basically Play-Doh for cakes. I bought a package at the nearest retailer, Wilton brand, as it happened; then, when I went looking online for instructions, I found everybody saying DO NOT BUY WILTON. And they were right, the stuff tastes awful! I wouldn't taste it, the smell was bad enough. I think at least a few of the kids had a nibble before spitting it out. It wasn't gone rancid or anything, it was just yucky and had intense chemicals.
So they had fun playing with the cake-Play-Doh, then they scraped it all off before cutting.
Don't you think we could have just used Play-Doh?

Here's the actual cream cheese frosting. It was delicious!