Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scraps from the Free Swap!

At the last free swap, I made a beeline for a lady I knew was a source of fabric.  She passed me the two bags of it that she had brought, and I took them away unopened. 


There is NOTHING more fun than washing and ironing out a whole pile of new fabric. 

Several were a whole yard or two, best suited for sashing or future-grandbaby dresses.  But my favorite part of the deal actually isn't the large pieces.  I like the little scraps and strings the best!  They keep me calm for a long time, washing, sorting, ironing, and arranging in my string box. 

scraps-from-Free-Swap-1211-02 scraps-from-Free-Swap-1211-03 

That one chunk of quilt-shop quality butterfly fabric was easily the coolest piece in the two bags! 

scraps-from-Free-Swap-1211-08 scraps-from-Free-Swap-1211-09 scraps-from-Free-Swap-1211-07scraps-from-Free-Swap-1211-04

See, I have a new ironing board cover!  Isn't it pretty?  Especially compared to the old one which was burned and stained, but still had its picture posted all over on the internet! 


There's my box of scraps, revitalized with fresh stock! 


Kitty said...

Hi Janel! I LOVE your blog! I especially enjoyed the article where you wrote about music lessons (or NOT!). And I MUST make some swirly skirts! Yours are terrific, perfect for twirling around whether there's somebody to dance with or not.

What makes you think nobody reads your works?!!! Keep going, even if you think nobody else cares. It's good for YOU!!! (and I like what you're doing,too). Thanks for your blog. Hugs, Kitty

Janel said...

Thanks Kitty, this nice encouraging comment made my day!
Thanks for taking time to write and I'm glad to hear you like my stuff!
Remember if you make a skirt, that I'd love to get a photo :-)