Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy Quilt Squares

Today's random great idea. 
Yes, of course those masterpiece quilts you see entered in the fair are BETTER. 
And the first square of such is always great fun, and the second and third square in pattern are easier, then the fifth and sixth squares are efficiency itself. 
But after that, it starts to be a bit too much like "work" and "doing what I'm supposed to be doing" neither of which are my really strong talents. 
I do find myself craving a more "pieced", organized look, without quite getting started on a pattern...
So I did this  :-) 

crazy quilt squares 1 crazy quilt squares 2

Foundation square, with  one piece in the center, and others added as they may fit around it. 

crazy quilt squares 3 crazy quilt squares 4

This is fun!

crazy quilt squares 5 crazy quilt squares 6

It has enough of the "puzzle" quality to keep me interested.  Where's the next piece that will fit? 
I rock at jigsaw puzzles.  Also, this is using up my little bits and scraps, and FRUGALITY is a talent of mine, which I inherited at the genius level  :-) 
I was raised by famous Great Depression survivor pack rats, under whose tutelage I learned never to get rid of anything that might someday have some use thought up for it. 
I've had a lot of clutter issues to get over, as you can imagine  :-) 

crazy quilt squares 7 crazy quilt squares 9

But I do love my box of scraps