Monday, May 31, 2010

the free Round Ripple pattern written out

To my crochet friends-- would you try this pattern and see if I've written it out right? I'm not used to following written patterns (prefer diagram form) OR writing them! So I'm not too sure about this. But I got a request from someone who wanted to make one and can't follow my graph :-)
Would you let me know if you find a mistake? 

(EDIT-- I changed this post on July 8th, so that there's only one row of any that has a multiple of three!  In other words, one row of 3dc, two rows of 4dc, two rows of 5dc, one row of 6dc, etc) 

Chain 5, join w sl st to form a ring
1. ch3, 11dc in ring for a total of 12dc
2. ch3, 1dc in same space, 2dc in each dc around, for a total of 24dc
3. ch5, 1dc in top of previous ch3, *skip 1 dc, in next dc 1dc, ch2, 1dc, repeat around and join
4. sl st to next ch2 space, in space *2dc, ch2, 2dc repeat around for total of 12 groups
5. sl st over one dc, ch 3, *in ch2 space make 2dc ch2 2dc, in next dc make 1 dc, skip 2dc, in next dc make 1dc, repeat from * around, join with sl st
6. sl st over next dc, ch 3, dc in next dc, *in ch2 space make 1dc ch2 1dc, make 1dc in each of next 2dc, skip 2dc, 1dc in each of next 2dc, repeat from * around, join with sl st

etc... increasing one dc every other round, or if that's too many for your gauge, then every time the number of dc is a multiple of three, only do one round of that... hope that makes sense, it's what I had to do to keep my project from curling up :-)
Here's the page with the diagram...

I started a thread crochet doily version...

Edit--I already think it should have only ONE round with 3dc!  It was starting to curl up.  I've ripped out this much progress, and I'm doing 4dc immediately after the 3dc row.  I'll post again if it works  :-)

(July 8th)  YES and here's the new version!  It's coming out perfectly now!

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