Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spiral dress 2

I made this using the Spiral Dress top, and the skirt pieces of Spiral Skirt 1. So finally Skirt 1 gets tested! It came out pretty much as I expected... which isn't really what I was going for.

 I made it from a floral because that's pretty much all I want to wear! Call me a church lady, it's okay...

Camera in left hand  :-) 

THERE, just so you can see the lowest limits to which I will sink... there is that dress turned inside out with the seams highlighted so you can see them!!  
Because I know, otherwise they'd be quite invisible  :-) 


Susie said...

Janel, this is beautiful - can I ask how many metres of fabric it took? (thinking if I have got enough of anything to make one)

Janel said...

OOPS, boy I'm glad you commented, which got me thinking about it, and realized I didn't upload the skirt pattern that will work with the top. To err is human, isn't it!!
The first version of skirt 1 had a 6" top, and the raglan top pieces have 8" bottoms (waistline). That won't won't work!
I'm uploading the 8" skirt section pieces right now.
And then I'll get on with answering your question :-)

Janel said...

It takes 4 and 2/3 yards :-)

Susie said...

Thanks! I'll have a look out for some fabric. I love your spiral patterns.