Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Actual Patchwork Dress

This IS what they meant by patchwork dress  :-) 
Here's the story:  I'm so persnickety about what I'm going to wear, that I end up with just about nothing to wear.  It has to be 100% cotton, it has to be a dress with a gathered skirt with flowers on it, it has to be made in the USA and I have to be able to afford it, unfortunately there's approximately one way to meet those qualifications, and that's to get busy.  I do get around to making a dress every once in a while, but then, it's usually a nice dress that goes into the closet for going to town in.  So what do I wear to mow or chase chickens?  Some pretty disreputable-looking raggy outfits sometimes...
So I set out to use up some of my scraps (to please the daughter of parents who loved to tell me about the Great Depression, in which they apparently had a rollicking good time stuffing cardboard in their shoes to keep their feet off the road, etc, and rule #1 was not to throw anything away, ever) and to make something extremely casual that can be worn outside to get dirty on purpose. 

Showed "this ridiculous dress" to husband and he said it was pretty. 
I said I wouldn't exactly wear it in public, he said, "Why not?  Have you seen some of the things they wear??"
That's not comforting! 
Anyway I designed it for gardening  :-) 

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Anonymous said...

You could wear that in public. Throw on some flip flops or cute sandles and have fun. Too nice, almost, for gardening.