Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Status of My Stash

On hearing the explanation of "She who dies with the most fabric wins," one of my children exclaimed, "Mom would win that!"
Ooooooh, no.  Nowhere near.  Not even in the running.  I have a pathetic stash compared with the actual competitors (I've read about a few of them!!) but it's about right for me.  For one thing, I have no more storage space than this!
So, for the amusement of the world, here's the status of my little me-sized stash. 
I have three closet shelves, each 2x2 feet square.

This pile was mostly donated by friends.  There's quilt-scrap calico in the front, and behind it, several nice pieces with whimsical pictures good for curtains, aprons or scrubs, none of which I have the least use for right now, but "you never know" (the song of the clutter-bug) also some four-yard cuts of satin or sparkly fabric that could be useful in case we suddenly need an emergency evening gown in gold, pale blue or royal purple (you never know). 

This shelf is nice fabric I've mostly bought over the years as I saw it for a good price, 4-6 yard pieces for making dresses out of, and some was donated.  The plastic box in the middle of the stack is lace fabric and trim. 

The third shelf is the solids or yard-dyed fabric that would be suitable for making medieval garb.  There's a couple of dark blue or green cotton sheets in there.  Am I above wearing something made of old sheets?  I think I've established my level already...
And there's one piece in here that actually looks somewhat like linen!  So, all of this is my SCA-picking stash. 

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