Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ModelMuse Barbie - it begins!

Someone wrote me with feedback on my free Barbie strapless pattern and asked if or when I was going to make any patterns from the Barbie Modelmuse body shape.  I had not up to that point even heard of the new body. 
They said I should make some free patterns for her because "there's a whole untapped market there". 
I went looking on ebay and found a Modelmuse shape doll for a total of $8 which is just about my right price range  :-) 

The new shape really is lovely!  It looks much more graceful and realistic than any they've come out with before. 
Rather than post nudie shots here's the full length view

Those are the shots the ebay seller provided.  The dollie's lying on my ironing board right now being inspirational, and I'm totally going to make some free patterns for her, but so far she hasn't moved for like two weeks and I haven't even taken pictures of her myself.  Sigh...

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