Monday, February 27, 2012

Candlesticks from the Goodwill

Because the world is totally interested in what I bought.

goodwill-candles-1 goodwill-candles-2

Cinquefoil, shiny, useful and $1. Can't resist that.

goodwill-candles-3 goodwill-candles-4

Have I commented that I don't like silk? I don't know why. It just feels repellent and I want to put it down. Is that weird? Apparently everybody else loves silk. I even picked up a skein of pretty embroidery floss at that last faire, and I could just TELL. I said, Is this silk? And it was. The lady could tell by my face that I didn't like the feeling, and I could tell by hers that she was confused: that's the nicest embroidery floss out there, or something.

Well, write me down as liking marble. Previously I've only been able to get my palms on the Olympia capitol's surfaces, but I couldn't take any fist-sized pieces of it home with me. Now I can. I walked through the whole store holding this bit of smooth white marble, forgetting I had it and then remembering, and thinking of excuses to never put it down again. Hey, it would be great for self-defense!

Okay, yes, it's now at home with me and it was $2.

I love the Goodwill.

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