Monday, February 27, 2012

Dave's Warplanes Puzzle

Dave-airplanes-puzzle-2 Dave-airplanes-puzzle-3

Long story, actually.  Ed got a money order to get this puzzle from White Mountain Puzzles, and they sent me an email (they must've had my email address on file from when I submitted the sweepstakes card that was included in the Christmas puzzle from Cabela's, and THAT'S why we don't send in sweepstakes cards, folks!) to say they wouldn't ship the puzzle until I gave them my phone number. 
WHY?  They're shipping the puzzle, not faxing it!  They have the money and the address and they don't need any more than that. 
We went round and round until I told the @#$! to send me back the money order. 
I was totally gonna leave bad reviews all over the internet etc, oh, haha like I've got time to do that. 
Anyway they wanted $17 for that puzzle plus shipping, and here it was at Costco for $10.   Cool. 
And here is Dave all finished with it. 

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