Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Pair of SHOES made in USA!?!

I went to Shopko because two different people told me they had a lot of wide-width athletic shoes, and they did, a really good selection. 
Almost fell off my feet when I picked up a pair of New Balance sport shoes made in USA! 
All excited, but too soon, because they did not have the right size in stock  :-( 

At least I found these  in Wal-Mart  :-) 
Got two packs. 

What tiny, light printing!  Where's the big flag on the packaging, that we're used to as a clue?  Not all the Hanes socks were made here, just these. 

And those New Balance were the first shoes I've ever seen, made here. 

Oh, but at the feed store they have rubber farm boots made in USA that are better quality and cheaper than the Wal-mart ones! 


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